How to check your website analytics


Once you have logged into your account the Dashboard will list each website you have tracking enabled on and, the main window will have high level metrics for each of these website.

Website Analytics User Dashboard

Click on the required website in either the left panel or on the metrics symbol to the right of the entry and the Analytics Overview will be displayed.

Analytics Overview Elements

This is a detailed overview of the metrics for the selected website. The date window and timeframe can be adjusted in the top right. Each of the key statistics are summarised in the Pages and Referrers boxes below the graph. The tabs at the top of the dashboard allow you to drill down into the key metrics for each of the visitor attributes.

Website Metrics Overview

Visitor Overview

Pageviews are important to understand as subscriptions are based on the average page views you receive each month. All plans come with unlimited custom domains, unlimited events, unlimited email reports, REST API access and full data export but all statistics are based on page views.

So what’s a pageview? That is any time a real person (not a bot) loads a page on your website. If you visit a website with Qatir Web Analytics installed, and clicked on ten pages, that’s ten page views.

It’s important to note here that Qatir Web Analytics is more accurate than many other analytics products because we filter out bots and crawlers, so you don’t pay for them visiting your site and their page views don't show up on your metrics.

Website Pageviews Analytics

This is why Google Analytics stats can be very different for the same time frame for the same site: We block robots well, whereas Google does not. Qatir Web Analytics effectively allows you to bypass ad-blockers (which 30–50% of internet users have installed), whereas Google Analytics will be blocked.

Blocking bots and bypassing ad-blockers gives you the most complete web statistics possible, so you can make the best decisions from that data.

Referrers are the referring websites and social channels that bring visitors to your site, the number of visitors from each referrer is shown on the right of each one.

Website Referrers Analytics

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