What is Qatir Web Analytics?

Qatir Web Analytics is a tool for real-time monitoring website traffic to identify the best performing content, keywords and campaigns. It provides graphical reports, charts, and tables to give a complete overview of your website traffic.

It can help you optimize your web pages for search engines and social media using the latest content marketing techniques. It allows you to compare your website performance with competitors in a simple and easy way.

Website analytics are not just vital for small businesses but it's also becoming more important for bigger companies from an online branding perspective.

It offers a simple way to study long term trends, understand user behaviour, identify most converting pages or catch those who are stealing your content. It can also help you understand organic traffic from social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Why Qatir?

We wanted a way to be able to understand web traffic for our own websites and where visitors are coming from in real-time so that we could improve our performance. Qatir stands for Quantitative Analysis of Trends in Realtime (honestly!) and is built on the premise that we should be able to own and manage all our data without giving it up to big corporations.

User Dashboard

What does Privacy Web Analytics mean?

The usual web analytics providers like Google Analytics make use of cookies to track site visitors, which means that you’re required, by law, in Europe (and other countries/states), to include a cookie notification banner, with an opt-in checkbox, that you cannot have checked by default, the end-user has to check that box in order to be tracked.

Qatir Web Analytics users don’t have to do any of that. Your website visitors can now forget about annoying popups & opt-in requirements and you will own your data, you can export or delete it at any time.

Our tracking code size is less than 1kb, making it 58x smaller than Google’s Analytics tracking code.

Do you use any Google Analytics API’s?

No, we do not use any Google APIs. This is a completely stand-alone software solution. You own all the data, 100%, which you can download that’s the whole point of it.

So why are you different to other Privacy Web Analytics software?

Our tracking method is different to some of the alternative privacy focused solutions.

Some of the current privacy first analytics providers use fingerprinting for the device (or user) that’s accessing a website, either by storing their IP, storing a unique identifier or other identification means.

For example some providers still "fingerprint" your visit by storing a unique hash for a given IP address, user agent or domain.

Qatir Web Analytics does not do any of that. We detect a visitor by looking at the referrer header. If the user has a 3rd party referrer, or directly accessing your website, that’s what we consider a visitor. This means we don't have very large tracking codes, slowing down your website.

What about the data collected for my website?

Qatir Web Analytics data is private as the entire data is anonymized before being stored, and no personal data is saved. No IPs, no cookies, no fingerprints

Can you define specific Events and Campaigns?

Our Events and Campaigns system is very flexible. You can define your own Events, so for example you can track Sales (with total count in a defined currency), Downloads, Plays, Clicks, etc.


What are the downsides of this approach?

Downsides of this approach are that repeat visitors in the same day could be counted multiple times, however Google Analytics is blocked by most of the ad-blockers and by browsers like Safari by default, inherently you’ll see less visitors than you actually had. So there are trade-offs to be made if you care about privacy.